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New Web Site For Pharma Finder Medtipster

Posted: Wednesday, 20 May 2009 5:13PM

The Troy-based Web site Wednesday announced a new version of its online health care search engine and generic prescription drug price comparator.

Now out of its beta testing phase, new updates to include simplified search functionality; the ability to search by dosage on the home page; information on where consumers can find mini clinics, and receive immunizations and flu shots locally; and greater breadth and clarity of information in the search process and results.

"We are continuously updating and improving the Medtipster Web site to provide American consumers with the most user-friendly and comprehensive resource possible," said Bruce Liebowitz, COO of Medtipster. "Because the vast majority of medical conditions can be treated with one of the drugs included on the discount generic drug programs available on Medtipster, the site is an invaluable tool for all Americans to significantly cut their health care costs."

Medtpister was created last year in an economic environment in which all Americans are trying to save money, and more than 40 million Americans were prevented from filling critical prescriptions due to health care costs.

By typing in their drug, dosage and zip code on, Medtipster will search for pharmacies that carry the generic equivalent at a discount, often for $4 or less. If the visitor's medication is available at a discount, Medtipster will show them a list of pharmacies with pricing, starting with those closest to them. If not, they will immediately be given the option to be notified via email when the drug is added to a list, or to search for a therapeutic alternative for the medication.

Future releases of will include pharmacy directions, consumer alerts on generic availability and pricing, a "bundled" medication search and access to healthcare-related membership programs, mobile applications, and more.

Medtipster is the brainchild of five Michigan executives, who combined their collective experience of 100 years in the pharmaceutical industry to provide Americans with substantial savings on their prescription drug and health care expenses. Three of the five are owners.

"Most of us come out of the pharmacy benefit management firm world," Liebowitz said. "One of us still owns one and there are two pharmacists on the board."

Liebowitz said the site grew out of their former work in pharmacy benefit management, since health care plan providers wanted to make it easier for their insureds to use less-expensive generics -- but often those people didn't know how. Today, Medtipster contains information on more than 175 programs offering a variety of different discounts.

The company currently has five employees.

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