Medtipster continues to grow website, payroll in Troy

metromode, 5/28/2009

The guys behind Medtipster noticed that lots of consumers assumed $4 generic drugs could only be bought at the deep-discount, big-box retailers. But they knew lots of smaller mom-and-pop shops also offered them.

"Nobody knew about them," says Bruce Liebowitz, COO of Medtipster. "All of the talk was centered on Walmart."

That led to the creation of Medtipster. Think of it as a Google for locating the nearest outlet for $4 generic drugs. Enter in what type of medication you're looking for, and the website will direct you to the least expensive retailer.

The 8-month-old start-up went live online a month ago and has since added two more people to its payroll, for a total of six. The Troy-based firm hopes to expand this cost comparator website into the dental, chiropractic, and vision sectors.

"I think within the next year for sure," Liebowitz says. "We move at Internet speed, not brick-and-mortar speed."

He expects Medtipster will start hiring soon after that happens. Most of those new jobs will be in IT and other technical positions.

Source: Bruce Liebowitz, COO of Medtipster
Writer: Jon Zemke